Dave Chappelle – He walks out and people go nuts

I love Dave Chappelle. But why all this hate?

Dave Chappelle is back and I was very happy for the guy. Many people know him because of his “I’m Rick James, bitch!” act and some of his shows in comedy central. Many people consider him a legend in comedy.

It’s been years since he stepped on stage after he turned his back on a $50 million offer. He went to Africa and did his soul-searching. In his interview with James Lipton (Inside the Actor’s Studio), he said he saw what made Hollywood actors crazy. He didn’t want to be that. He didn’t want to be trapped in the system. It was a very poignant interview and I could see that even Mr. Lipton respected Dave.

For all his mad antics, he’s very open about drug use. The first time I watched his show, I was dumbstruck how stoned he seemed. After a while, after I stripped my initial negative reaction and just listened to him, he’s really funny. He pokes fun at stereotypes in America but also adding bits of wisdom in-between.

I’ve always considered Mr. Chappelle as a wise person. He can come up with material without having to open up to the public. He keeps his personal life in the shadows which is very nice. I know of some comedians who make fun of their partners or their kids in front of the whole world. Maybe it’s just me and my dislike of the limelight, but I still think some things don’t have to be shown for the world to see just to be funny.

So anyway, last week he performed in Hartford. He walked out. I presume he finished his set but didn’t use his material. I was trying to get as many perspectives from the event because I wondered about how I felt. I didn’t want to be biased and just defend Dave. I watched the videos and read many comment discussions in different sites.

So what do I feel now?

I love Dave and I felt his action was justified. I’m sure people expected him to handle the hecklers or fry them like what Bill Burr did, but that’s just one logical path. Dave, on the other hand, did the other. He stopped performing since he was pissed. He has a right to be.

There will always be those that will defend him and those that will diss him even from those who attended. Some felt the audience was indeed rude, some felt it wasn’t even something to be bothered with and that he has the mic so he can just drown the voices of those shouting.

I’m not a comedian, but I can understand that people do get pissed off. It just happened that alcohol, a large audience, people who lack respect for other people and a very principled comedian on stage were thrown together.

If previous fans expected him to do his Rick James act, then they’re not really a sincere fan. People change and well, either we can accept that or hit the road. Some people were saying that they paid $100 for the show and were disappointed. I think that’s funny. If I were part of the audience, I’d have taken that as an interesting experience but I’d still find Dave in a better spot where there’s better security (bouncers throw ’em hecklers out! Rawr!)

Out of all the comments I’ve seen, there’s one that I particularly agree with.


I like the part where the people tell the successful comedian what he should have done and how he should have done it. You go see the show. You don’t get to dictate. Do you chat it up with Beyonce or whoever at their concert? No you don’t. This isn’t Pinterest or your Facebook you as a part of the crowd don’t get a “say” or get to participate in the show because you paid, Just because heckling is familiar doesn’t mean it is acceptable or that is should be. Is it safe to say that some of the crowd was further intoxicated by the time Dave got on stage which could be why he had problems and not the other “pros”? I think people just want to be a part of the group that is “hey Dave has lost it” or “Dave is a “crackhead”. Just because you boo or jeer the man doesn’t make YOU “The Man”.

One bad thing does not make him less of a legend or a brilliant man.

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